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Logic Boards

Depot International utilizes certified engineers and technicians, calibrated test equipment, as well as static and dynamic testing at the component and assembly level.

Depot International uses a state-of-the art vision system for the removal and replacement of Ball Grid Array (BGA) microchips. BGA microchips are found in the latest printer and copier models on the market, including Jet Direct Cards and Formatter Boards. Depot International’s equipment ensures no damage is done to the boards or its components resulting in savings for Depot International’s customers.

Depot International Advantage
  • Printed circuit board repairs and modifications
  • Component level troubleshooting
  • Capability to replace surface mount and through hole components
  • EC upgrades
  • State-of-the-art BGA removal and replacement
Power Supplies

Power supplies are live tested in fixtures for proper output voltage and current. Test capabilities include static and dynamic load testing, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and line and load regulation. Power supplies are adjusted to manufacturers' specifications for output voltage and current limiting. All repaired power supplies are 100% machine tested to ensure reliability.

Paper Feed Mechanisms

Our paper feed mechanisms are refurbished with new rollers. Any other high wear parts that do not meet Depot International’s rigorous quality standards are also replaced.


The scanning assembly takes a digital image and prepares it for the printing process. All Depot International remanufactured scanners receive extensive cleaning and performance testing to ensure quality image transfers.

Printheads & Modules

The printhead repair process includes a thorough cleaning, replacement of pins, hammers, coils, guides and jewels as required. Next, they are adjusted for flight time, impact energy and alignment. Lastly, each printhead undergoes a thorough testing procedure before it leaves our facility. Our extensive range of test equipment and electronic simulators allows us to reproduce the most demanding conditions that occur in the field.

Extend your printer's life

The best way to prevent your laser printer from wearing out is to install a maintenance kit. Printer maintenance kits contain spare parts that have highly predictable wear characteristics. By proactively using a maintenance kit, you eliminate repeat service calls, maximize paper feed and increase print quality. Additionally, you save money! Purchasing a complete kit from Depot International is much more cost effective than buying all the parts separately.

Printer Maintenance Kit Includes:
  • Paper Pickup Rollers
  • Paper Feed/Separation Rollers
  • Transfer Roller
  • Fuser Assembly
  • Gloves and Manual
  • 6-Month Warranty
What does a printer maintenance kit do?

rubber rollers to wear down. If your printer gets to this point, there are only two options—call a repair technician or buy a new printer. You can avoid these costs by purchasing a printer maintenance kit from Depot International. We recommend that for every 10 -15 cartridges purchased, you purchase one maintenance kit.

When should I install the printer maintenance kit?

The higher volume HP & Lexmark monochrome printers have scheduled maintenance cycles (based on predetermined page counts). Installing a maintenance kit will ensure that your printer remains a reliable and well-performing machine.


Depot International offers new and refurbished fusers. Refurbished fusers are totally remanufactured by Depot International. Every refurbished fuser undergoes a rigorous product testing and qualification procedure before it leaves our facilities. Our extensive range of test beds allows us to reproduce the most demanding conditions found in the field.

Depot stocks new and refurbished equipment from leading OEMs including HP, IBM and Dell.

Why Depot International for your computer and server equipment?
  • 10%-40% discount over traditional distributors
  • Custom server configurations
  • 1 year warranty
  • Availability of constrained items
  • IT buyback program - receive credit on your unwanted IT hardware
  • Repair services
  • Overnight delivery
  • Stocking locations in NJ, TX & FL
Depot International stocks New Factory Sealed, New Open-Box, and Refurbished computers and server parts including:
  • Servers
  • Blades
  • Storage
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Networking – Routers, Switches & SFPs
  • Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Controller & HBA cards
  • Processors
  • Infrastructure
  • Power Supplies
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Tape Drives
  • MSA Storage
  • SFPs
  • Spare parts – system boards, LCD, keyboards, backplane boards, fans, etc.

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